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SPYDER MUSTER 2019 / Re: Spyder Roulè 2019
« Last post by noboot on Today at 02:43:24 PM »
Official Spyder Roulè report.

Spyder Ryders started converging on the main Foyer of Penrith Panthers at 2pm on Friday.

The Friday night Meet N greet went very well with over 100 people in attendance including three (3) representatives from BRP
There were lots of good Lucky Door prices given out Like Duel & single sets of SENA Bluetooth systems.
Skid plates, Toweyez. Magic Mirrors, Bike cleaning packs. MCA Stubby Holders. Spyder decals Etc.

There was also a presentation on two possible events for later this year (2019) and the release of the 2020 Spyder Muster.

Saturday was the first group ride of approx 170 Kilometers with approx 60 Spyders stopping at the Burragorang Lookout which was fogged out. But the free Cup Cakes and water made up for it.  The Group ride concluded at The Museum of Fire where there was a Show 'N' Shine presentation and free Sausage Sizzle Lunch.
Saturday Night was a cook your own dinner in the back Yard Resturant & bar within Panthers where the Show 'N' shine tropies were awarded.

Sunday  was the second Group ride with about 25 Spyders concluding at Mount Victoria in the Blue mountains were everyone had an early brunch.  From Mt Victoria it was a casual take you time and do what you wanted ride back to Penrith.   Sunday night a small group go together for a farewell dinner.

A very big Thank you to the event sponsors being BRP,   Western Motorcycles, and Beaches Sea Doo & Can Am
Another big thank you to Simon Kendrick at beaches for donating the fantastic trophies for the Show 'N' Shine
A thank you to  My committee members that assisted in getting the event set up, The traffic control, BBQ setting up & cooking.
The Photographers for their many Pics and Videos  and the Drone Pilot for all the effort capturing good footage (especially not crashing my expensive Drone).
SPYDER MUSTER 2020 / Accommodation for Spyder Muster 2020
« Last post by noboot on Today at 02:12:51 PM »
The venue selected by the Spydarians WA for the Spyder Muster 2020 is the Taunton Farm Holiday Park at Cowaramup   contact No. 1800 248 777

The Accommodation available  is :-
65 Camp Sites (58 Powered)
4 X 1 Bedroom Cottages;  2 x 2 bedroom Cottages;  4 X Superior Cottages;  8 X Family Cottages  making a total of 18 Cottages in all.

I have already booked myself a cottage and suggest anyone coming along to this event book something early as I should imagine it will book out fast.
SPYDER MUSTER 2019 / Re: Spyder Roulè 2019
« Last post by stu on Today at 07:32:07 AM »
wow that is super cool ron.good job.i assume everyone had a great time and went away happy.maybe a little rest for you now. :sleepy:
SPYDER MUSTER 2019 / Re: Spyder Roulè 2019
« Last post by noboot on 25 March, 2019, 05:13:19 PM »
Here is a Pic I copied from Facebook of the Best GS/RS/RSS/ST at the Show N Shine.

Once I get the Pics in order I can post what the wining Spyder Looks like.
Ryker / Re: any body we know put money down for a ryker in aus.
« Last post by stu on 25 March, 2019, 04:04:13 PM »
i went in saturday to look at theres been reports of poor quality welds on the chassis.well by the responses i got from a few guys that know welds.these should have never passed control.i took photos and it looks  really bad.we wait and see.
SPYDER MUSTER 2019 / Re: Spyder Roulè 2019
« Last post by stu on 25 March, 2019, 03:58:32 PM »
 :yahoo: :ok:
SPYDER MUSTER 2019 / Re: Spyder Roulè 2019
« Last post by noboot on 25 March, 2019, 03:04:49 PM »
Pics & more details will be available soon.   Our  main photographer too over 3000 Pics. Our Drone Pilot too heaps of Videos. Our Second Phgotographer took many, many Pics and videos so we'll select just a few and post up here soon.
SPYDER MUSTER 2019 / Re: Spyder Roulè 2019
« Last post by stu on 25 March, 2019, 12:27:58 PM »
great summary on that part of the helps for us that couldnt get there. :ok:photos od the trophies would be great.they sound really cool.but whos missing a conrod and piston to make them, :lol:
SPYDER MUSTER 2019 / Re: Spyder Roulè 2019
« Last post by tripod on 25 March, 2019, 11:50:41 AM »
Hi as I no longer own a Spyder I missed out on the rides but was at the Friday meet and greet which apart from the over spiced chicken wings was well received by all .The show and shine was a spectacular collection of machines across the whole range of Spyder models the variety of after market accessories combined with some complete colour changes showed how much a owner can personalize their rides , Simon from Beaches Ski Doo did a magnificent coverage in the supply of the trophies matching the trophies to the event in the form of a conrod,piston with rings mounted on a matching base these being from actual 990 and 1300 motors these and another splendid vee shaped with a small conrod and piston assy rounded out the award items .About a dozen or so rode down to Kevins workshop at which work was carried out on some bikes by Kevin fitting a skid plate to a near new RT , Fagan performed a couple off wheel alignments and fitted a Toweyez kit this event went to 6.00 pm .At that my involvement with the weekend finished .All those who came I say thank you and I ask if you all could forward your thoughts on the event to Noboot so he can use the input to use as a lever for sponsorship in coming events  .Cheers to all and once again thank you .Tripod  :biker: :biker:
South Australia / City Bound on Nth East Road Adelaide
« Last post by Little Devil on 23 March, 2019, 07:23:34 PM »
Seen a White Spyder mid afternoon travelling SW on Nth East Road by the OTR at Holden Hill at the Tarton Rd intersection.
Ryder was having more fun than I cos I was in four wheels not on 3.  :'(
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