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C'mon everybody, Registrations close soon so if you haven't registered yet, get onto the Spyder Muster website and get busy!!  :wiper:  All Registration fees are due the end of the month as well, cos we've gotta start paying for all the venues & goodies & stuff we have on order to make this one go off with a bang, so please get your payment made so we can bring you the event you deserve!

It really looks like it's gonna be another great Muster this year; the weather forecast is looking OK from this far out; the Resort is looking fantastic & everyone there is working hard to get it all ready and they are looking forward to welcoming us again; we have lotsa good food lined up; some great rides going a little further afield this year (larger groups too - should be impressive); and all up a pretty good program for you to enjoy. There's still a little accom at the Resort left, so if you haven't sorted that already, ring them first & tell them you are coming for the Muster - there's not a heap left on site, but there's lots of great alternatives nearby if the Resort can't do what you want/need or you want something different - the Tourist Info Centre can help put you in touch with just about ANY style or level of accom you might desire, mostly within 15 mins or so of the Resort too, or you can search the web or hit the links on the Muster website Accom page - there's room for you all somewhere close and there's prices you'll like too!! If you want to get your Spyder serviced while you're here, there are a couple of nearby dealers and a couple of independant Spyder Techs too, so you can make bookings either before or after the event & get that oil change or service done, and if you want to do it yourself we can even arrange a place where you can do that, so don't let that stop you!

If you miss this one, you'll have missed a great time with Spyder Ryders at an event run by Spyder Ryders for Spyder Ryders, so get yourself here!

THERE'S ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT TO REGISTER AND PAY SO THAT YOU CAN JOIN US FOR THE 2018 SPYDER MUSTER! We'd really love to see you here, so c'mon, join us & enjoy being a part of the 2018 Spyder Muster. :ride:
South Australia / Re: Come celebrate with us
« Last post by Soapbox2627 on 16 January, 2018, 04:46:04 PM »
ok you mob of stuff shirts, there will be no nudity 'cos I am not going  :newcheer:

your mates has opened there house to you all to come round and help them celebrate the day.

two replies, WOW  :pulling-hair:

good luck with the Home warming Trina and Col, have a drink for me,  :drunk:
avoid the nudity  :confused0068:, appears to scare of the masses (pics or it never happened)
South Australia / Re: Come celebrate with us
« Last post by SPYD3R on 12 January, 2018, 06:51:55 PM »
Congrats on the new place and the engagement, hope you have a lovely night. Sorry I won't be there.
South Australia / Re: Come celebrate with us
« Last post by Soapbox2627 on 09 January, 2018, 11:19:03 PM »
a night of nudity and alcohol

tempting  :woot1:
South Australia / Re: Come celebrate with us
« Last post by Peter Aawen on 09 January, 2018, 08:23:55 PM »
Congratulations on both counts!! Count Sylvia & me in!
South Australia / Come celebrate with us
« Last post by babeshorty on 09 January, 2018, 06:28:18 PM »
We are having a celebration of moving into to another house and celebrating our engagement. Please bring your meat for bbq and drinks.  Let me know f you are coming and I'll send you our address.

Date 20/1/18
Time  6pm

Spyder Muster 2018 / Re: Spyder Muster 2018
« Last post by stu on 09 January, 2018, 07:44:37 AM »
sorry guys due to family commitments i wont be able to come this year which is a major piss off.ill try and visit the resort and catch up with some of you.have a good one.
Spyder Muster 2018 / Re: Spyder Muster 2018
« Last post by babeshorty on 09 January, 2018, 05:22:30 AM »
This Friday will make it only 3 week until Spyder Muster Registration Closes. Please make sure if you have registered that you have made payment. If you are still looking at registering please do so before the 2nd of Feb.
Tyres & Exhausts / Re: nankangs for 2014 rt
« Last post by merlot on 04 January, 2018, 05:32:56 PM »
bummer pete,hope its a sppedy recoup for you :ok:

the other day I went into bstone tyres Mildura east and they were really helpful ,in that I needed to get my rear tyre off and a new nankang fitted
I asked the lad to blow it up to 36psi
didn't bother checking it and headed off to Adelaide for sat ride :yahoo:
as soon as I  took the Sedan turnoff and started having a go,the bike showed me some very scary oversteer(trying to highside me),so much so that I nearly turned way I could ride bike in company :scared:
I let some air out of the rear but still nfg :pullinghair:
got to birdwood then let some more air out,then I hooked up my on board pump and gauge to the rear....hola there was still 36psi in it
he must have given it 46 not 36  :spank:      lesson learned..always check it myself :clever:

but the damage was done....all through the sat ride with pete and co,i was sensing oversteer(wet roads didnthelp) and that coupled with the low front height of the 55 series front nankangs made me decide to do something about it :cry-1:
after researching,I found that the 65 series were 33mm larger in diameter giving me a lit of 16mm :ok:
so I ordered a set  AS1 165/65/15 nankang :clever:

the next day they arrived in broken hill
so today I went back to Mildura and fitted them :drooling:

they fit perfectly...plenty of room once on...good front height and best of all the sppedo now agrees(within 1 km)with the zumo. with the 55 series we had a 5km/hr difference :scared:

putting them on was another story....I needed to remove the lower mud flap and even then no go
after I released the rear mudguard stay they went on ok :ok:

took bike for a short ride and the thing is a dream to be on.....there is just no feeling like a new set of front tyres :beer1:
if they prove to be worthy ill prob set about packing the front guard out to make on and off easier but so far so good

the orig plan was to set the rear to 36psi and monitor tyre wear.....due to the induced oversteer I had to lower the rear to 22 but now I plan to try it back up to 36 and see how long the tyre lasts this time

russ :character0029: :character0029:
Tyres & Exhausts / Re: nankangs for 2014 rt
« Last post by Peteoz on 29 December, 2017, 08:58:22 AM »
Sorry Russ, I’ve been out of action on the Spyder for many months due to a bad.y deteriorating hip, so I haven’t got any Kuhmo numbers as yet. The hip has just been replaced and I hope to start riding again in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be up to a trip to the Muster this year.

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