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RIDE DAYS ONLY / Cronulla Sea-Doo & Can Am ride Saturday 1st August 2020
« Last post by noboot on Today at 09:22:13 AM »
 A message & Pic from Cronulla Sea-Do & Can Am Dealer

A huge thank you to all of our wonderful Spyder & Ryker Customers who joined on our ride yesterday to the Paradise Pizza Cafe.

We hope you all had a great time!!

If you or any one you know want to join us on any future rides please PM us and we can add you to our ride list!!

SPYDER MUSTER 2020 / Re: Spyder Muster 2020
« Last post by noboot on 17 July, 2020, 11:14:36 AM »
West Australia Spyder Muster 2020

Due to the continuing effects of the CORANA Virus Pandemic the Spyder Muster in Western Australia has been rescheduled to :-
19th 20th and 21st March 2021

The WA planning committees have worked very hard in preparing the Spyder Muster and presenting a great event for the Spyder Community to enjoy.
The host venue, Taunton Farm Holiday Park has agreed to move all accommodation bookings to the above dates.
If you are planning in coming over to WA for the Ulysses AGM starting on 22nd  March 2021 why not include the Spyder Muster the weekend before the AGM and participate in both events.
For more details on the WA Spyder Muster go to
Over Night Runs / Re: Spyder / Ryker ride to Bathuurst and back
« Last post by RazzleH on 06 July, 2020, 04:09:22 PM »
Those drive-in speakers, yuk!  Poor quality sound and the cable was almost impossible to cut.   :haylow:
Over Night Runs / Re: Spyder / Ryker ride to Bathuurst and back
« Last post by noboot on 06 July, 2020, 07:25:56 AM »
Yes!  it is Bathurst winter Festival week, although some of it has been cancelled because of Covid-19  They still went ahead with the annual Drive In movie night, although it was close to freezing. I also think you use your car radio these days to prevent forgetting to remove the big speaker.
Over Night Runs / Re: Spyder / Ryker ride to Bathuurst and back
« Last post by Little Devil on 05 July, 2020, 08:44:18 PM »
Great photos.
Interesting to see the LED billboard advertising a Drive In.
These days a Drive In can mean anything, in my day it was a cinema you drove to and sat in your car with a big bulky heavy speaker that you usually forgot to remove when one drove off at the end of the film.
Over Night Runs / Re: Spyder / Ryker ride to Bathuurst and back
« Last post by noboot on 05 July, 2020, 03:51:54 PM »
A great weekend for the Bathurst and back ride which includes about 17 Spyders, with 2 Rykers a couple of 2008 GS, Handful of RT's, F3's a couple of 2020 RT which were used for test rides, and also a FatBoy Harley.
The ride up through Katoomba, Mt. Victoria and Lithgow was steady with a bit of traffic. It was a bit cold Saturday night with a temp of 2.0 mnaking a chill factor of -2.1
The BBQ dinner went well and everyone had a great time on the track both Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
Followed by the ride home back to Lithgow and the Bells Line of Road.

Go to here for some pics

magic lights :lol: :lol:

just like shane i was disappointed with my results at led's
maybe i was expecting too much

my F3 is a little different in that i have moved the outside fogs(low beams) into the centre where they should be
i am now able to avail myself of the H4 set up(which has a single globe with dual filaments,high and low beam)
buying leds with the h4 style i found that the globes had dual filaments and if that lens only uses high beam,then you are wasting one filament(the low beam one)
better to buy an H4 globe with single function only, to maximise the light

anyway,i took out the led's and fitted +90 halogens..........these are now acceptable,good high and good drop off

interesting observation from shane re the drop off from high to low.....i think this was one of the reasons i didnt like the leds...when you turn them off,you cant see anything.......in the real world they are unuseable,without better low beam

so i decided to stop chasing high beam light,and concentrate on the low beam....most of the led vids show off road demos and i now see why,they dont need to turn them off

my 2 fogs are not even...on is brighter than the other..i tried cleaning the lens(difficult) but gave up....so im now looking at led lights to replace my fogs with a mid range light which i can leave on when oncoming vehicles etc

i checked shanes lights on Baja site but the S1's although seemingly perfect,were a little dear for my pocket

so i ordered a set of these:

i am hoping to use these with the yellow lenses  to give maximum low beam with minimum intrusion to oncoming

cant wait to try them(pending arrival)....looking foreward to another 3am ride

russ :character0029: :character0029:
We need our light man russ to test all options then make a kit he can sell to us all.maybe called magic lights.. :roflmoa:
I think the trick for good lighting hasta be quality LED's (JB's??) in both the upper & lower lights for daytime running (if nothing else, it helps minimise the placcy 'glass' fogging that happens with the std lights  :banghead: ) WITH Pogo Four Eyes or similar enabled, so you can get both uppers & lowers on all the time if necessary! Just like Stu, I too run Hi-beam during the day - even the highest output lights we can fit won't put out as much light as the Sun!  :thumbup: 

And for night riding, fit BOTH a set of a/mkt 'A' arm 'Daytime Running Lights' aimed out wide that will stay on with Lo-beam (to keep you on the straight & narrow when you dip your lights without dazzling on-coming drivers); and a set of 'Driving Lights' with a 'spread/spot combo beam' pattern in each to pair with the std Hi-beam's mounted up high somewhere - ideally, outboard of the hi-beam lights, maybe hanging off or on top of the RT Mirrors/mounts?!? Some in the US have fab-ed up brackets that mount with/come out of the little side wind deflectors that're usually covered by the lowered windscreen on their RT's - an ideal spot/solution!  :great:

Still working on it tho, in between...  :ride:
Parts & Accessories / Re: Ikon Shocks
« Last post by stu on 13 June, 2020, 11:41:39 AM »
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