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SATURDAY 7 - SUNDAY 8 September 2019


Hi Spyder Ryders

Our next Canberra Spyder ryde will be a Spring fling to Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands of NSW with an (optional) overnight stay.

Ride distance approx 220kms via Gundaroo/ Gunning/ Crookwell/ Goulburn/ Marulan and Highland Way to Bundanoon.

0915 - meet @ Caltex Gold Creek Servo, 49 O’Hanlon Pl Nicholls for a 0930 departure.

Morning tea approx 1030 @ Old Hume Cafe, Gunning.

Lunch approx 1230 @ Ye Olde Bicycle Shoppe, Bundanoon.

Spend the arvo at your leisure. There are plenty of walking trails close by in the Morton National Park, or you can visit any of the townships of Bowral (29kms) Moss Vale (23kms) or Berrima (30kms).

Dinner 1830 at Bundanoon Hotel.

Some accommodation options are:

Bundanoon Country Inn Motel (walking distance to pub)
Bundanoon Hotel (pub)
Bundanoon Lodge (luxury B&B 1km from pub)
Gambells Rest camp ground (2kms from pub)

Return to Canberra via Hume/Federal Highways is approx 150kms
Ridng Gear / heated riding vest
« Last post by stu on 10 July, 2019, 07:36:42 AM »
ok so we are all getting older and i find the cold is really getting to im a skinny bugger so not much meat on me,i recently bought a lithium battery powered heated sleevless vest.
thin enough to wear under riding gear or use at any time some heat is required.its a ororo brand from amazon aus.its got three heat settings and what i like is it has heat in the back the two front pocket area and the collar.a lot only heat the back.
im yet to test the battery life on full charge,doing that this was about 140.00 all as a all purpose vest or a heated one this might be the goods for the warmth challenges.

hopes this helps the chilly rider. got 5 hours on low setting and with it unzipped and letting some heat out it was still very does have a usb charge port so it may be able to ride and charge.but not sure.
SPYDER MUSTER 2020 / Re: Planning the Nullarbor crossing
« Last post by stu on 09 July, 2019, 07:35:36 AM »
great info guys,makes the crossing easier for sure.all the little things that make it a better run. :biker:
SPYDER MUSTER 2020 / Re: Planning the Nullarbor crossing
« Last post by Dutchy on 08 July, 2019, 09:50:50 PM »
And the camp ground at Eucla is mostly limestone so if you wanna drive in some tent pegs stay 13 km east at Border Village.
SPYDER MUSTER 2020 / Re: Planning the Nullarbor crossing
« Last post by Pogo on 08 July, 2019, 04:52:48 PM »
...  Any idea what's wrong with Nundroo and Balladonia?...

I agree with Dutchy. Camping in Nundroo is (was, I haven't stopped there for a while) cheap, but the campground is sand and the showers were bore water.

I took a motel room there once and stayed dry, but that was about the best part of the stay.

It has new owners who seem to be trying, but they have a long way to go.

Plenty of options in Penong, but it is a bit short. Yalata seems to have finally got the old fibro building demolished, but I didn't see a sign offering accommodation when I passed.

Balladonia is better than Nundroo, but still sandy.

SPYDER MUSTER 2020 / Re: Planning the Nullarbor crossing
« Last post by Dutchy on 07 July, 2019, 05:44:54 PM »
Balladonia has a very small ablutions block for the camp ground tho there is/was a transportable unit a bit to the north iirc.  The motel section and roadhouse itself is ok.  Nundroo is past its prime - Penong, a bit further east, is very much better.
SPYDER MUSTER 2020 / Re: Planning the Nullarbor crossing
« Last post by noboot on 07 July, 2019, 03:28:02 PM »
I'm planing on an 8 day trip from Penrith to the Muster site  and will use some of the reference points that have already been made.

More than happy to meet up and join the convoy along the way. Although I'll be trailing the Spyder as I just couldn't do a trip that far riding.

I also hope to meet up with Merlot (Russ) along the way also.
SPYDER MUSTER 2020 / Re: Planning the Nullarbor crossing
« Last post by MickQ on 07 July, 2019, 01:56:04 PM »
600k is a short day for us normally but towing the camper against the wind will probably sort that out.  Any idea what's wrong with Nundroo and Balladonia?

I'm looking forward to travelling with a group, especially if there are a few who have been that way before.  Safety in numbers.

SPYDER MUSTER 2020 / Re: Planning the Nullarbor crossing
« Last post by Dame Celia on 06 July, 2019, 08:03:09 PM »
Here is  recent recommendations from a WA friend who has travelled across the Nullabor many times
It starts at North Adelaide.  Those riding though Broken Hill will save several k's. 
Night 1:  Kimba - 458Km Motel is not flash, but it works.
Night 2:  Ceduna - 312 Km  Not a long day but you want to avoid Nundroo.
Night 3:  Eucla - 491Km  Not many stops out here.  Hard to avoid the longish day.
Night 4:  Caiguna - 338Km - Another short day but we want to avoid Balladonia
Night 5:  Norseman - 378Km - Another short day, but Esperance would be 576Km - a bit much.
Night 6:  Jerramungup - 458Km
then (of course) to Margaret River - still a way to go!

Good to incorporate this into Pogo's excellent advice.
That map at is also excellent, but travels from West to East.

Be good if a group ride (or rides) could work.
South Australia / Re: SA MEMBERS
« Last post by Dame Celia on 05 July, 2019, 11:47:33 AM »
Greetings from Dame Celia, currently resident in her South Australian estate.

Welcome to the forum, what's your choice ride :biker:

the answer to that question may well be "brian astill" :clever:
confused?      me too :lol:
given that "dame celia" dosent have much to say for herself ever......but certainly gives her all when pressed,what?

russ :character0029: :character0029:

Dame Celia Spyder BGCA is a 2014 RTS SE5 of Superior White Livery. It has been her pleasure to engage the services of Dr Brian Astill as her chauffeur, following the unfortunate demise of Sir StJohn SPYDER BGCA on 10th March 2016.

Basically, my first 2014 Spyder RTS was written off (so was I, nearly), in March 2016.   While in hospital searching "what shall I ride, now?" I came across an advert from Motorcycles R US offering an White unridden 2014 RTS costing within the insurance payout  :newcheer:

Hope this makes at least "some" sense, now.
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